Edvantech is a company that designs, develops and delivers technology-based learning and content design solutions. Our solutions help organizations to improve their performance by using learning as a tool.

As a 'Content Engineering' company we know that, content which is rightly designed has the potential to change an organization and drive incredible results. Thus, we see to it that our solutions enable increased velocity to your learning systems and make the content a competitive advantage for your learners.

We employ a great number of highly skilled specialists who know their job better than anyone. Our team cares about building sustainable solutions to meet all the learning challenges of an organization. With a vast range of services that we provide, our managers will make everything necessary to get the learning solution working.

We aim towards

Amazing our Customers:
A job well done is what we strive for. We want to enthral our clients with our learning solutions by raising the bar in whatever we do!

Building Everlasting Relationships with Effective Communication:
We practice open and honest communication with all our clients to build a strong foundation for a life-long relationship.
Providing Innovative Solutions:
Doing things differently is our passion. We ensure that creativity and innovation are a part of all our solutions.
Being fair and maintaining integrity:
Our intent is to do the right thing. We value objective thinking, fairness in decision making, and honesty towards work because, in the long run, this is what gives strength to our character and guides us in every kind of situation.

Being Aspirational:
As we have grown year on year, our scale has always posed a challenge of maintaining the heart of a start-up. We still approach all of our projects and client engagements with the same enthusiasm that we had in our initial days. Our aspiration to do the very best for every client and every project, keeps us ahead of the game. We believe in self-improvement! Thus, we believe in learning something new in the learning business every day.

Why should you choose Edvantech as your Learning Partner?

Great Experience
Our clients love working with us and we love working with our clients and it shows in our work. We have worked with all our clients like extended teams. The seamless integration of teams and processes makes working with us a great experience. We smile a lot and give our customers great reasons to smile.
Flexible Services Architecture
While we understand the need for methods and processes, we also understand that every client might have unique needs aligned to the dynamic nature of their business. Using our ‘Flexible Services Model’ allows us to design better engagements with our clients. The model aims at breaking down as many barriers as possible of working with offshore teams.
Skilled Experts
Our team of skilled experts are always up for a challenge! Our team goes above and beyond to become experts in your subject matter. They know what works, and are happy to share their expertise with you.
Industries we work for:
Our client base is very vast. We provide support and solutions to the following industries.
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