Delivering the Results that you Seek!
We believe content services is not just about presenting content but presenting it in the right context, in the right amount, at the right time and of course the right way – all with a single aim. Delivering the results that you seek!
Explore the various Content Services we offer to you at Edvantech.
Custom eLearning:
Our customized eLearning are engaging, interactive and visually appealing.
Mobile Learning:
Our mobile learning solutions result in learning that moves from knowledge retention to application.
Instructor Led Training:
We help make an Instruction Led Training visually appealing, technology-driven, interactive and fun!
Blended Learning:
We create comprehensive blended learning programmes that combine the best of both online learning and face-to-face learning.

We can cater to all your gaming needs from creating a game based course to creating short games incorporated within an eLearning.

Translation & Localization:
We offer translation and localization services to a variety of organizations who wish to get their knowledge resources translated to multiple languages and dialects.
Curriculum Development:
We bring together a variety of training strategies and delivery methods to create the right curriculum and cater to all your training needs and meet all your learning objectives.

Catalogue Conversion:
We have proven expertise in developing and delivering faster and better, cost-effective conversion of content catalogues.
LCMS Build:
We can help you leverage the power of the Authoring Engine in your LCMS for rapid development of custom content.

Design Services_large
Design Services:
We can help you design and produce assets that provide tremendous value in terms of stakeholder and end user education.
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