Catalogue Conversion

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An increasing number of devices and delivery platforms have made it important to ensure that existing content catalogues are platform independent, meaning they can be delivered to any device and on any platform. We have proven expertise in developing and delivering faster and better, cost-effective conversion of content catalogues.
What we can do:
Our services for Catalogue Conversion include:

  • Flash to HTML5 conversion
  • English to language conversion (single/double byte languages)
  • ‘Accessibility’ compliance conversion
  • Courseware to ‘Learning byte’ conversion
  • Catalogue compatibility to ‘Tin Can’

Case Study: Catalogue Conversion from Flash to HTML5 using Storyline

Industry/Domain: Healthcare
Customer: One of the biggest public health systems
Project Title: Catalogue conversion from Flash to HTML5 using Storyline
Target Audience: Public health organisations, Health education and training providers



Business Need:

  • Convert catalogue curriculum from a legacy Flash format to an authoring-friendly HTML5 format, for the government health sector.
  • Maintain content fidelity while enhancing content structure and design.
  • Ensure consistent branding with catalogue and client institute standards.

Key Challenges:

  • Convert a high volume of courses with extremely quick turnaround times.
  • Create fresh design assets and restructure content as most original course assets were not reusable.
  • Propose an instructional and visual design strategy ahead of time to collect comprehensive stakeholder feedback, to avoid rework in later phases. All this while trying to minimise the impact of an additional step in an already tight development cycle.



  • We used a combination of different design strategies that were reused across modules, including:
    • Use of images on 3D origami shaped backgrounds with creatively laid out content.
    • Use of high end illustrations as screen backgrounds with content layouts blended in innovatively.
    • Use of tile-based layouts with different combinations of content, media and interactive panes.
  • We used a variety of photo-processing strategies to render images in different styles to bring a fresh look to each course.


  • Training on various employee and administrative aspects of health institutes, including:
    • Health and safety
    • Security
    • Code of conduct
    • Project management
  • We developed a variety of content and design strategies because of lack of consistent standards in the source courseware.
    Hard-coded and deployed courses with no access to source code meant transcribing the entire content and recreating all media from scratch.
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