Custom eLearning

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Our Custom eLearning are a one stop solution for all your learning needs. They address your business needs, engage a digitally-savvy workforce and achieve the desired business results. They are based on a practical approach to ensure that the learning is engaging, leads to genuine knowledge transfer and improves performance of the learners at the workplace. They help learners to absorb more knowledge and recall what they have learned with ease. They are tailored to achieve your training goals and to fit the context of your target audience.
What we can do:
We specialize in creating customized eLearning solutions designed to deliver results for your unique needs. We create:

  • Story-based learning using Avatars
  • Activity-based learning
  • Game-based learning
    • Content Gamification
    • Structural Gamification
  • Digital narratives
  • Immersive learning (3D, Virtual life)
  • Appropriate learning strategies to address business and learner needs

  • Subject-appropriate visual presentation
  • Scalability of design
  • Infrastructure available to learners
  • Development technology suitable for achieving desired results
  • Targeted delivery platform/LMS
  • Compliance requirements
  • Maintenance

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