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While developing e-learning, time is of essence. It is necessary to find e-learning solutions that comply with timelines. When 'need' is immediate, following the usual cycle of development is not necessary.

A Learning Content Management System (LCMS) usually has a built-in Authoring Engine for development of content packages, ready for delivery. We can help you leverage the power of the Authoring Engine in your LCMS for rapid development of custom content.

What we can do:
For LCMS Build, we cater to:

    • End to end development (including storyboarding) using LCMS templates
    • Point production
    • Template enhancement
    • LCMS administration:
      • Course integration
      • Course management
      • User management
      • Course deployment

Case Study: Interactive Courses using HTML5 authoring framework

Industry/Domain: Training and Development
Customer: A prominent eLearning course and platforms provider
Project Title: Interactive courses using HTML5 authoring framework
Target Audience: Sports Community: Players, coaches, and officials; Parents and spectators



Business Need:

      • Develop several reusable templates to facilitate the use of different types of interactive learning experiences for users.
      • Develop several graphical assets that align with the design standards of the LCMS.
      • Build several interactive courses as per the storyboard using the templates and graphical assets available in the LCMS library.
      • Perform testing to validate storyboard adherence, LCMS tracking and learning experiences.

Key Challenges:

      • Develop course components that load quickly over low-bandwidth connections, and that are compatible with desktops, tablets and mobile browsers.
      • Develop reusable course templates and graphical assets with a stable set of design standards that provide a consistent and stable learning experience.
      • Building the course components as per the tracking, messaging and error handling mechanisms of LCMS.


Content Development:

      • Developed a reusable content template library through the HTML5 editor using HTML, Java Scripts and CSS. These templates are compatible with multiple browsers – Desktop and Mobile versions.
      • Developed graphical assets that were visually rich but light in size. This helped each graphic to load very fast.
      • Defined the course structure for each course and its respective modules, and the module pages.
      • Developed each page using a combination of the following templates:
        • Static Content: Text panels, Image panels, Video, Audio, Hyperlinks.
        • Interactive content: Accordion/Tabs, Slideshow, Hotspots, Flip Tile, Drag and Drop.
        • Assessments: Quiz, Poll, Video case study, Free Text input.


      • Prominently performed the following types of testing:
        • Course performance (load testing, error handlings etc.).
        • Browser compatibility.
        • Content mapping against the storyboard.
        • Learner experience over interactivities, usability testing, UI, navigation etc.
        • Assessment passing criteria.
        • LCMS tracking on course completion, status, bookmarking and assessment score.
      • Testing report was built capturing the following components:
        • Checklist: Covered the testing criteria and the sequential flow of activities that were followed to test each course.
        • Test Results: Each result (Pass or Fail) was substantiated with description, screen-grabs, page references etc.
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