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Mobile learning, also referred to as mLearning, has changed the learning paradigm from directed learning to self-directed learning.

We help you identify the right platforms, and then design, build, and test your solution so it works exactly the way you need it to work. Our design and technology expertise will provide you with the right mobile strategy for your all your needs.

What we can do:
Edvantech has extensive experience of creating mobile applications that can run on various mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, etc. and on different mobile operating systems, such as Android, iOS, Windows and BlackBerry. We create:

  • Enterprise implementation of native iPad + Android apps developed using
    SDK/phone gap packaging and distributed through the ‘Enterprise Store’
  • Deployment of Sales Curriculum for internal + external audience using
    ‘Storyline Platform’ with LMS tracking
  • Implementation of client server based native apps on both iTunes +
  • Porting existing Flash content to a native app for iPad + Android
  • HTML 5 based learning catalogue for platform agnostic delivery
  • Offline tracking mechanisms for both offline + online mLearning

  • Learner profile
  • Business structure
  • Structure of the ‘Extended Enterprise’
  • Device/Platform homogeneity
  • Enterprise versus Extended Enterprise deployment
  • Content security
  • Content updation + maintenance
  • Nature of content– Possibilities and limitations/Content readiness
  • IT restrictions

Case Study: Creating the First Learning App for Dogs

Industry/Domain: Retail (Lifestyle app)
Customer: The famous dog-training organisation
Project Title: Android app development for the desensitization of dogs to loud noises
Target Audience: Dog Owners, Breeders/Trainers



Business Need:

  • Develop an Android based training app that allows dog owners and breeders to train dogs to cope with loud noises and become desensitized to them through positive reinforcement.
  • The app will help prevent dogs getting anxious around particular noises, which lead to a range of issues like problem behaviour, running away, barking, among others.
  • The app will play common noises feared by dogs, such as fireworks, thunder, traffic, power tools, trucks, sneezing, kids playing, etc.
  • Dogs may develop a fear around other sounds that are not available in the app. Dog breeders and owners can record such sounds, and play it to their dogs so they can get appropriately desensitized to these sounds as well.

Key Challenges:

  • The layout design, images, font sizes and other graphical elements had to be displayed in proportion to multiple resolutions and screen sizes.
  • Android OS has several versions. The app has been developed to support OS version from Gingerbread 2.3 (API Level 9) to Kitkat (API Level 19).
  • We had to test the app on several Android devices with varied dimensions for phones, phablets and tablets.


App Development:

  • We developed a hybrid app making the core features available natively in an offline mode.
  • Prominent features included:
    • Training instructions for puppy conditioning, breeders and for dogs with fears.
    • Training videos for showing the desensitization techniques performed by the breeder.
  • Playing 27 different sound files. Dog owners play these sounds when the dog is relaxed. By gradually increasing the volume with the use of a speaker, dogs eventually become desensitized to that sound.
  • Recording a new sound file with an option to play the same whenever needed.
  • Developed proportionate graphical assets to help align the programme with multiple screen resolutions and device dimensions.

Tools and Technologies Used:

  • Android SDK
  • Eclipse IDE, Android Plug-in for Eclipse, Android Dalvik Debug Monitor service
  • Java, MySQL, PHP, XML

Other Credentials:

  • This app has been rated as one of the top 5 apps for dog owners by a Lifestyle magazine.
  • This app got reviewed on a national channel featuring dog training. The program showed how this app helped dog owners and breeders to condition their dogs to sounds they disliked earlier. This in turn helped the dogs lead happier lives.
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