Translation & Localization

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We localize your learning content to ensure that extended education is delivered across the globe! We understand that organizations require their learning solutions to cater to the multi-cultural needs of their learners spread across the globe. For this reason, Edvantech provides translation & localization services to create e-content as per the culture, ethnic background and region of all your learners.

Business imperatives have made it important to not only translate but also localize content for regional relevance and demographics, leading to challenges in terms of complexity and cost. We have intensive experience in rolling out localized content under very quick timelines and to provide better ROI.

What we can do:
We cater to:

  • Localization, Translation and Voiceovers in over 22 languages (including both double byte and single byte languages)
  • Voiceover profiling by both, linguistic and demographic profiling, with distinct accents (e.g., Blue collar, white collar, etc.)
  • Localization of content in Flash, Articulate, Storyline, HTML5 etc
  • Multi-profiler development for Language selection
  • Custom Multi-SCO support for LMS deployment of localized packages for smart selection Development of Electronic and printed job aids

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