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Sales training is a key aspect for enterprise sales enablement. Training plays an important role for the success of sales teams. Training should be one of the first things companies should consider when looking at improvements of the sales department. At Edvantech, we examine the clients’ sales strategy, climate, skills, and processes, and then recommend solutions that will help improve their sales force.
What we can do:
We can provide you with various solutions to enable your sales force. These solutions include:

  • Strategic Consulting for Sales Enablement through training of channels
  • Training catalogue development for Retail and OEM products
  • Product Launch training and education for Retail Products
  • Online event management for rewards and recognition for sales teams
  • Productivity apps
  • Digital brochures and talk around cards
  • Customer profiling tools and training programs
  • Competency based learning path analysis and deployment

Case Study: Sales Training Apps for a New Product Launch

Industry/Domain: Retail (FMCG)
Customer: A leading FMCG company and global leader
Project Title: Sales training apps for a new product launch
Target Audience: Sales workforce of the company and the entire supply chain group (distributors, super markets, retail stores etc.); Consumers who visit supermarket stores.



Business Need:

  • Training apps for a retail “Product Launch” for sales executives.
  • The app UI had to be extremely stylish, smart and attractive as the audience would be sales executives who would be running on tight schedules.
  • The content would have to be multimedia heavy as the app was going to target the educational component of the product.
  • The seat time of the training app was approximately 2 hours.

Key Challenges:

  • Analysing the content shared by the client and produce visually rich graphical elements.
  • Present the content in a way that there was continuous activity on the screen, to keep the audience engaged.
  • Retain the high visual impact of the Flash/XML based course that was already developed.
  • Allow capturing of the store pictures along with customers, attach dynamic captions to each picture and upload those into the app. The pictures needed to be captured using the “camera” functionality of the iPad or android mobiles and tablets.


App Development:

  • Developed native apps for iOS and Android.
  • Developed a smart introductory movie clip using old product pictures, 3D elements, special post production effects and a background score.
  • Developed a captivating menu using visually rich 3D graphical interface.
  • The app content was designed and developed by focusing on the following parameters:
    • Product Line Education to give a better understanding on the product line anatomy and the common issues with the causes, symptoms and preventive measures.
    • Comprehensive Product Information describing the concept and the science behind the product development.
    • Product Landscape to help in understanding the competition, consumer and shopper.
    • Toolkit to provide the downloadable content covering product and packaging images, visuals, standards etc.
  • Developed the proportionate graphical assets that aid in aligning for multiple screen resolutions and device dimensions.

Tools and Technologies Used:

  • iOS SDK, Android SDK
  • XCode, Eclipse IDE, Android Plug-in for Eclipse, Android Dalvik Debug Monitor service
  • Java, MySQL, PHP, XML
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