Augmented & Virtual Reality

AR & VR technologies are opening up the learning horizon to completely new possibilities. AR and VR is finding rapid adoption in mechanical and process based organizations where the key focus is on,

  • Rapid skill development
  • Standard Operating Procedure Training
  • Safety Training
  • On the job support for installation and maintenance

Talk to us for some of our very interesting projects in this area including,

  • Virtual reality Simulation for Leadership Training
  • Virtual Skilling Lab for training on SOP’s for new Pharma Hires
    (machine operators)
  • Safety training for batch process for Automobile ancillary manufacturing
  • Installation manual and support for Plumber tradesman

VARK Framework: Visual, Auditory, Reading and Kinesthetic

  • Visual – High
  • Auditory – Medium (audio guidance)
  • Reading – Minimal (on screen instructions)
  • Kinesthetic – Very High (perform actions)

Game Development

Games have been used in learning and were  unfortunately restricted to leaderboards, rubrics, decision trees and scenario based branched assessments.

The advent of Unity allowing to build web based games, has given our Instructional Designers to freedom to design some of the most interesting game based learning interventions in the market.

Speak to us about some of the case studies we have implemented in this area,

  • Hyper casual web based game for compliance training for banks customers (2-3 mins)
  • Brand building desktop based game for one of the world’s largest tire manufacturing

Virtual Labs, Real Science

What if you could give your students access to a fully equipped, high-end virtual laboratory, that engages them in science through a highly immersive learning experience?

Beyond Labz offers you just that!