Brand and Channel Activation

Solution Title

Brand and Channel Activation 


About the client

World’s largest paint manufacturing company. 


Key Stats 

  1. Covered 3000+ retail store staff across Australia and New Zealand 
  2. The program was run across 250+ stores in Australia and New Zealand 
  3. There was a 90% self-subscription and completion rate to the Accreditation program 


Business requirement

The client had on-boarded a New Branded Channel (one of the largest hardware chains in Australia & New Zealand) with 250 stores to retail its paint products. The challenge was that there were already established competitor brands that were being sold in these stores. There had to be a very strong brand recall among the retail stores assistants for them to recommend the organizations brand to customers. 



Category research said that 57% of customers who walked into a store for buying paint do not have any particular brand in mind, and can be influenced by the sales person. 

Increase this brand recall and activate the new channel, we designed a one year blended accreditation program which covered learning interventions around. 

  1. Paint Basics 
  2. Product Training 
  3. Brand Training 
  4. Consumer Behaviour 
  5. Soft Skills 
  6. Classroom Interventions 
  7. In-Store Activities 

These interventions were spread out over a year and hosted on a gamified self-registration portal (demand driven as opposed to supply driven). Global rank. The participants were provided with certified accreditation badges on completion of each milestone that allowed them to display it in store. My Rewards and Accreditation Along with this a leader board kept a track of their points on completion Next Reward and their program completion vs.  their peers. Instant gratification, in terms of Paint Advisor of client branded gifts were provided to participants on completion of Points needed 800 every learning intervention. 




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Edvantech Team

Edvantech Team