Hyper Casual Game designed in Unity 3D

About the client

One of the largest banks in the world operating across 70+ countries and employing more than 90,000 employees. 


Key Stats 

  1. Covered more than 3000 High Net worth Customers of the bank in the APAC region 
  2. This was for Secured Wealth Lending compliance and there was 100% completion of the compliance with audit trails 


Business requirement

The bank’s Secured Wealth division had a unique challenge posed to them. Most of the RM’s that were selling secured wealth products to the banks HNI customers, usually missed out on the important compliance aspect of educating the client on the risks involved in Secured Wealth products.  

Govt regulation’s mandated that this information be provided to customers before the product was sold.  

To ensure that this information was provided to the client, apart from the literature, the bank wanted to pass on the information in a novel but non-patronizing way, which did not come across as standard e-learning.   



Our team of Instructional Designers, conceptualized a Hyper Casual Game (quick 2 minute engagement) delivered to the client as a web based game link.  

The game had a hyper casual concept so it did not bore them with educative content. The multi-level game was then interlaced with 8 key questions that all covered the key concepts of the product compliance.  

Each level provided the user with valuable points and winning the game ensured that the client won a gift provided and delivered by the bank. The game was delivered to all the 2500 HNI’s of the bank through a secure unique web link from the banks server.  

The backend of the gamed allowed the bank to maintain an audit trail of game completion and reward recognition, hence helping the bank with compliance.  


Client Testimonials

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Edvantech Team

Edvantech Team