Instructional Design

As you are reading now, there are new learning challenges that are unfolding in your organisation .

Let us discuss your requirement.

We don’t do content development.

We design learning experiences.

 It is easy to build courses. It is more challenging to take a holistic approach that doesn’t just focus on the content, but also takes into account the unique needs, learning styles, and expectations of the end-user.

Talks to us for...

Customized courseware
Rapid eLearning
Mobile learning
Virtual instructor-led training
Blended learning
Gamified learning
Interactive video
Performance support tools

Instructor Led Training Design (ILT)

Our team of expert learning consultants and instructional designers can help you build effective ILT’s.

  1. Speaker decks
  2. Participant guides
  3. Work guides
  4. Assessment design
  5. Games for ILT
  6. Digital or classroom engagement
  7. Business Simulation

Design of a 3-day business simulation-based ILT framework can be run face to face or virtual) for Investment Bankers. 

Case Studies