Online Digital Certificate III Accreditation Course

Solution Title

Online digital Certificate III Accreditation course for Aged Care Nurses and Patient Aids  


About the client

One of Australia’s largest Aged Care and Community service providers and also a RTO (Registered Training Oragnisation) 


Key Stats 

  1. 80+ online modules created 
  2. Dedicated team of 11 resources deployed for the project 


Business requirement  

The client was looking at converting one of their existing CERT III programs from a classroom based program to a complete online certification program. The client needed support in completely mapping, repurposing the existing classroom content to online course content.  

There were a total of 15 Units of competencies that were getting covered under this program and included both clinical and non-clinical subjects.  



Our involvement included mapping all the current competencies to the content for online modules. Identifying and structuring the content outline for all the 80 online modules that were to be built for the program.  

This also included running instructional design workshops for the client SME’s to work with the content.  

End to end development of the modules was then done by a dedicated team of 11 resources including Instructional Designers, Graphic Designers, Project Manager and QA team.  

A local Learning Consultant based in Australia led the entire design and engagement of the program. 

The program also included simulation modules for subjects like “Medication Management”. Simulation modules were designed from setting up real life simulations at onsite locations in Aged Care Centre’s.  

A workshop was taken for client SME’s to set up the entire simulation and shoot the same to be used in the courses. 




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Edvantech Team

Edvantech Team