Operationalizing a Global Retail Strategy


About the client

World’s largest confectionary and pet food manufacturing company.


Key Stats 

  1. Program ran across 22+ countries across the globe
  2. Covered more than 3000+ frontline sales staff
  3. Covered a variety of store formats
  4. Covered 10+  Retail Acceleration levers in the program


Business requirement  

The organization had  a  well-researched, and time tested retail merchandizing strategy recommended by  one of  the  largest consulting organizations. The  strategy had  to  be  operationalized at  the  level of  the  foot soldiers for  it  to  be  effective. While the  organization had  a  series of  rules and process for  implementing the  strategy, the  change in  behaviour itself was not  easy for  sales guys. The client wanted an  effective way to  make the  sales force understand what the  “Perfect Store Program” was and how it  would help the  sales teams achieve their KRA’s, and  the  organization achieve its  sales and brand goals. 


For Edvantech the program entailed, understanding in detail the Perfect Store strategy and the eco-system in which it operated. This was multi- format retail stores across the globe including;  

  1. Modern Trade Stores  
  2. Local Supermarkets    
  3. Large Supermarkets  
  4. Specialty Stores  

And the sales teams in each country servicing these retail outlets. The  program had  to  be  designed such that the  sales team understood why it  was important to  follow the  merchandizing rules while setting up  these retail outlets for  their brand. It was a behavioural change management program, which had to be simple yet effective. These series of merchandizing rules for different types of retail outlets were broken down and designed into small digital simulation modules, based on theory of “Action Mapping’. This allowed them to visualize the real life results of operationalizing this strategy. This way there was a proactive involvement from sales teams to implement the strategy. To make it relevant to market forces in each of the geographies, these modules were then localised for each market in context of their ecosystem. 

Retail Birds Eye



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Edvantech Team

Edvantech Team