Enterprise Communications Blueprint

About the client

Fortune 50 organization and a category leader in Manufacturing with more 200,000 employees and operations across 114 countries across the globe 


Key Stats

  1. More than 3000 direct users of the toolkit addressing global stakeholder base.   
  2. The toolkit focused on enabling a 3Billion $ internal enterprise 
  3. This was a high profile business consulting assignment and involved working directly with the Senior Leadership 
  4. The blueprint included designing a series of 17 different communication tools


Business requirement

The requirement was initiated by the internal technology enterprise division of the enterprise which was looking at improving its footprint and the top line within the organization. The problem was the lack of communication between the technology division and rest of the organization which was outsourcing its work to external vendors rather than its own internal division.  



This was a 4 month consulting assignment and included working with the senior-most leadership in identifying gaps within the enterprise, the stakeholder and customer touchpoints. 

  1. A cross-functional team was created across divisions to identify all key stakeholder touchpoints 
  2. Interviews were conducted across the organization right from the engineer level to director level to identify where the gaps were 
  3. An enterprise stakeholder mapping exercise (business-wise) was conducted to identify customers, influencers, promoters. 
  4. Existing communication pathway gaps were identified  
  5. A total of 17 different communication tools were designed with a clear execution plan across 3 years to implement the same 
  6. A vision statement and infographic was designed which was advocated at the highest enterprise level ( the CEO of the Tech enterprise) 
  7. A 2-day business workshop was conducted for the Senior Leadership team to explain the execution of the communication blueprint 




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Edvantech Team

Edvantech Team