Virtual Reality based Simulation Module for Leadership Training

Solution Title

Virtual Reality based Simulation Module for Leadership Training 


About the client 

One of the leading Equestrian based leadership training organizations operating across the world.  


Key Stats

  1. The virtual reality simulation module was used in conferences and exhibitions across the world to introduce the unique concept to learners.
  2. The tool was used as an introduction to new leaders part of the training program before they actually interacted with the horses in real life.


Business requirement

The client is a leading Leadership Training Organization, operating on the unique principle of Equestrian interaction based leadership skills development.  

The unique method is operated across the world by several Equestrian practitioners. The client was exhibiting the Equestrian leadership concept at the World’s largest equestrian exhibition, EQUITANA. 

The usual classroom for this activity involves a huge ranch spread across a few acres and involves interacting with actual real life horses.  

The client wanted to showcase this concept as well as experience at the exhibition. However it wasn’t possible to have a real horse and the range in the exhibition to showcase the concept.  



We conceptualized a Virtual reality module that provided the same experience like a real life ranch and real life horses, but in a Simulated Environment.  

Our initiative to develop this exercise in a virtual reality experience makes good use of VR as a technology to put the user in a very realistic and simulated environment. 

Simulating an almost real life experience of walking along with a horse was not possible even with new advancements in current technology. 

Fortunately virtual reality removes all barriers and introduces new ways of interactions; use of head and other physical movements and gestures in the virtual reality experience helps the user to learn in a simulated environment. 

Hence our team put to use the VR technology (using Unity 3D) to deliver a compelling and a simulated experience to the users. 

The module was first nominated and then presented the 2019 Business Technology Innovation Award. 




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Edvantech Team

Edvantech Team